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Our collection of wooden watches

Wooden watches by Greenwatch: Stay up to date and order a watch made of wood, because a wooden watch has many advantages compared to a normal watch. A little further on this page we will inform you in detail. Wood is a sustainable product and always available. At Greenwatch you, therefore, choose from a wide range of wooden watches. Suitable for both ladies and gentlemen and in all kinds of designs, and different wood types. What makes a Greenwatch wooden watch unique is that they are put together by hand. The Greenwatch brand offers the highest quality wooden-made watches on the market and we are also the cheapest provider of ecological watches. Our sunglasses are just like the watches of an equal strong quality and have the best price/quality ratio.

Eco-friendly wooden watches

Wooden watches are a trend in America, and their sales have also boomed in Europe. Besides the fact that a watch made of wood is a real eyecatcher, the watches are popular because of their durability. Not only are the watches indestructible and splash proof, you also protect the environment with this small investment. Of course, we need trees for the production of wood. Greenwatch plants a tree for each watch sold! This way you contribute directly to nature worldwide.

More than just watches

In addition to a wooden watch you can also choose matching wooden sunglasses from GreenWatch. This way, you are not only up to date, but you get even more appeal with our natural products. Our sunglasses are just like the watches of strong quality and have the best price/quality ratio of The Netherlands.

Benefits of wooden watches

Is buying wooden watches a wise choice? It surely is! The advantages compared to regular watches are countless. Take the weight for instance: Watches from Greenwatch weigh almost nothing. Nothing is more annoying than heavy watches. In addition to this practical advantage, wooden watches are also real eyecatchers.

The structure and color of the wood makes people instantly enthusiastic. The production of watches of, for example, metal is very environmentally harmful. No chemicals are used for our wooden watches! An additional advantage that wooden watches have with respect to regular watches, and what is often overlooked, is that you can combine them with any outfit. It does not matter how you are dressed. Casual, business-like, sporty, … A wooden watch has a calm and accessible look and is a beautiful accessory that you can combine with almost any piece of clothing! In addition, our watch case and strap are made entirely of wood!

Why Greenwatch?

  • At Greenwatch you buy wooden watches with the best price/quality ratio
  • We plant a tree for every watch sold
  • Choose from different types of wood such as zebra wood and ebony
  • The watches are put together by hand and suitable for everyone
  • Shipment within 24 hours.

Watches against skin allergy

Do you have contact eczema or any other skin allergy? One more reason to choose a wooden watch! With our complete wooden cases and straps you will not come into contact with metal. Our buckles are made of stainless steel.

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