Wooden watches are a true trend in America. This trend seems to have blown over to Europe and also to The Netherlands. This was the reason for Greenwatch to start its own brand. We note that the interest in our unique products is increasing and you can also benefit from this! How? By selling our Greenwatch wooden watches and sunglasses as a store. On this page we will explain you what the benefits are of becoming one of our sales points.

Greenwatch points of sale

Kloosterdreef 88-A
5622 AB Eindhoven

Goudsmid Marina
Doetseweg 34
3381KE Giessenburg

Bellevue 8
6561CX Groesbeek

WAAR Utrecht
Lijnmarkt 21
3511 KE Utrecht

Something Special Bonaire
Kaya Grandi 13C
Kralendijk, Bonaire

What are the advantages of becoming a seller?

It has several advantages for you to be a point of sale for all our Greenwatch products. We have the brand, the knowledge, take care of the distribution and ensure the brand recognition. You can profit from this! All you have to do is set up your own shop (online or physical) to sell the products. In addition, an important remark, you are selling unique products that appeal to a specific target group.

Higher turnovers
Our Greenwatch wooden watches and wooden sunglasses are of a high quality but very competitively priced. Please feel free to contact us if you want to sell our unique products as a shop owner in The Netherlands and are wondering what your yearly turnover could be.

Can anyone become a Greenwatch seller?
Basically, anyone can create a store. For that, you need to sign up and we will talk to you about it. We do assume that you trade our products according to the principles that Greenwatch stands for.

What does it cost to become a selling point?
Evidently you must invest in a certain sales stock to create a return. This does not necessarily have to be a large stock. You can also start small and gradually expand the stock. A small stock means that you only have to make a small investment. We will deliver your stock very quickly, so that your customers never have to wait long. All the advantages at a glance: -You are selling a unique wooden product – By selling a unique product your returns will rise -No complicated contract obligations – Fast delivery of new stock – We will put our brand Greenwatch on the map. You can take advantage of it – Your store is mentioned on our website what assures you with publicity – All this is possible with only a minor investment to start.

Ongoing conversations with different parties
At current time, Greenwatch is conducting conversations with several parties to obtain sales points throughout The Netherlands. Are you interested in becoming a shop to sell Wooden Greenwatch watches? Please contact us by email.