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Greenwatch watches

Are you looking for a new watch? Then choose a wooden watch. In America wooden watches are a true trend and it also seems to take hold in Europe. The benefits of watches that are made of wood are legion. Take for starters its weight: watches made of metal are up to twice as heavy as the wooden watches by Greenwatch. Wearing a wooden watch also prevents numerous annoyances; Cold metal on your skin, stingy buckles or leather watch straps that sweat? With our Greenwatch wooden watches you will never suffer from this again!

Assembled by hand

When purchasing of a wooden watch one does not buy a mass product. On the contrary, because our watches are hand-assembled. This makes your new accessory extra special. You can, of course, gift our special watches to yourself but it is also a special accessory to gift to someone else!

Best quality/price ratio

Greenwatch is proud it can deliver wooden watches in The Netherlands with the best quality/price ratio. At no other shop in The Netherlands you can buy cheaper wooden watches of this quality.


Where watches, manufactured from other materials such as metal and plastic, must pass a rather environmentally harmful process, our wooden watches are produced eco-friendly! In addition, we plant a tree for each watch sold.

Women’s wooden watch

Greenwatch sells watches that are suitable for both men and women. Women normally have a different wrist size than men, but also another preference for style and appearance. Wooden watches for ladies are manufactured from a variety of high-quality wood. The type of wood determines to a large part the look of the accessory. High-quality types of wood include ebony, oak wood and bamboo. A major advantage of women’s wooden watches is that you can combine as well with almost every outfit and dress style. In fact, the watches have a quiet display of their own and this makes them easy to combine with different types of clothing styles.


At Greenwatch it is possible to have your wooden watch engraved with a special text, personal message, a date or whatever you want. The specified text will be engraved on the back of the watch. By default we use the font Calibri Bold for legibility, but you can define fonts and symbols yourself. You can find all information about your wooden watch with text on our engraving page.

Men’s wooden watch

Greenwatch sells ladies & men’s watches. Wooden watches for men have several advantages in comparison with ordinary watches. For starters take its appearance: wood has a specific color and structure that is unsurpassed by any other type of material. You are wearing a watch with a unique look. A big advantage, amongst others, is that these watches for men are lightweight. You hardly feel that you have a watch on your wrist! Our men’s wooden watches weight around  50 grams. These watches fit every outfit. Whether sporty, business or casually dressed. Do you want a wooden watch that exudes luxury, durability and quality? Then you should automatically opt for a wooden watch of Greenwatch!