Cape Town


The new addition to our Greenwatch collection: Cape Town. This watch is made of Green Sandalwood and combined with ebony wood in the case. It is a multifunctional watch: a stopwatch, 24-hour clock, a regular 12-hour clock, and comes in a beautiful, wooden gift box. Within the gift box you will find two screwdrivers that make it easy to adjust the strap. As with many watches you can make the watch personal by the personal engravement.

Te laat, uitverkocht!

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Our Cape Town model is named one of the greenest cities in the world. Cape Town is one of the three capitals (legislative) of South Africa. Due to the usage of Green Sandalwood, the watch has a very natural look. The dial has many details and a case made out of ebony. This creates a unique watch that cannot be found easily somewhere else. The watch has a stopwatch function that can be managed with the two buttons on the right side of the watch. But that’s not it. The watch has a 24-hour clock on the dial. With all these functions the Cape Town is an all round watch which is a great addition to the overall Greenwatch collection. For such a special watch, we spend additional time in the gift box. This box is made out of wood and has all the tools you need to short the strap in an easy manner. An ideal gift, as the receiver can directly start wearing the watch. You cannot go wrong with this watch. As always, you can go the extra mile by engraving the watch.

Why would you buy a Greenwatch Cape Town watch?

You might be wondering why you should purchase a watch by Greenwatch. First of all, each watch is carefully designed, making it unique in its kind. In addition, there are other reasons, such as the replanting of a tree with every purchase. We do this in cooperation with the Foundation ‘One Tree Planted‘ and focus on the Asian region. We deliver a significant contribution to nature and you are helping with the construction of many forests. Each watch comes in a gift box including tools to customize your watch. On our FAQ page you can find all information about this.

Advantages of a Greenwatch wooden Cape Town watch

Wood and watches are a unique combination. It provides many benefits, such as weight. With only 31 grams you hardly feel you are wearing it. In addition, it is super when you have an allergy to metals or plastics. Our watches have wooden straps and cabinets and, therefore, you can wear them, despite your skin allergy!

Splash proof
All watches in our collection are splash-proof. This means that it is no problem to cycle or hike during a rain shower. However, showering, swimming, or washing the dishes is not recommended. The watches and the material are not suited for this. A wooden watch is comfortable in conditions of all sorts.

Tailor-make your custom wooden watch
Tools are included with every watch to customize it yourself. This ensures that you can wear your watch immediately. It ensures you the watch will not slide off your wrist or pinch your wrist. Screw drivers are included with the Cape Town watch. This allows you to remove the screws and pins in the link with playful ease. Read the FAQ before you are going to do this and follow our advice. The tools are free of charge with your watch and can be found under the cushion in the gift box.

Cape Town has a diameter of 4.5 cm (centimeters) and has a weight of 64 grams.

The wooden watch will be shipped within 2 business days.
Greenwatch wants you to enjoy your watch as soon as possible. That is why we ship the watches within 1 business day, and it is delivered to you within 2 business days (might differ per country). When you want to have your watch engraved, delivery will take slightly longer, but if you are in a hurry; please send us an email or Whatsapp message about your order. In this way, we can prioritize your order.

Engrave your Cape Town watch

Engraving watches is our best practice for many, many years. Every day we are engraving special text and tell stories with them. We can engrave your watch for just €12,50. So if you would like to engrave something special for yourself as a gift, our machines are ready for you to get started. You can read more information on our wooden watch engravement page, which provides all the possibilities we offer.