An automatic wooden watch makes sure that you don’t have to replace your battery ever again. Your watch will receive power from the movements of your arm. A unique watch in The Nethrelands with the high quality, service and best price you are used to if you buy watches from Greenwatch. Since the full movements can be seen through the front the appearance is impressive and you will see every detail moving around.

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Every detail of the inner timepiece, smoothly in motion with this automated wooden watch. Through the movement of your arms, the watch will wind itself, making it recharge on its own. Best of all, the timepiece is completely visible and this therefore you can see it work continually.

Why buy a Greenwatch Java automated wooden watch?

Why should I buy this watch from Greenwatch? First of all, because we are the only provider currently in The Netherlands selling a wooden watch with an automated inner timepiece. Opting for this type of inner timepiece in combination with a watch made of wood your wrist watch is very unique. Combine this with the quality, top service and super price and you can stop searching for the perfect watch. In addition, every purchase with us is a sustainable one, because we replant a tree for each watch sold through the organization One Tree Planted.

Exclusivity of automatic Wooden Watch

This wooden model is very exclusive in The Netherlands and we only have 70 pieces of in-stock. Therefore, FIRST-COME = FIRST-SERVED.

Advantages of this automatic wooden watch

An automatic wooden watch is always heavier than the other models that we offer. However, the combination with wood still makes it light for an automatic model: only 88 grams. If you suffer from a metal allergy a wooden watch is definitely a good choice. The back plate in the automatic watch is made of glass so you can watch straight through its inner timepiece.


A small rain shower or some drops while washing your hands are no problem for the watch. However, be careful with your watch in order to prolong its durability. For example, don’t go swimming or don’t take a shower with it because the Greenwatch Java is not fit for these activities.

Personalize this showpiece!

You can tailor-make the wooden watch easily by means of supplied pins in your package. You can use them to remove the firing pin from the strap links by pushing it sidewise. You can remove each link with this tool, so the watch is always tailor-made to fit your wrist. Is the watch too small on delivery? Send us an email and we will send you free of charge any number of links you need to make it fit so the wooden watch is also for people with a larger wrist.


The Java has a diameter of 4.5 cm (centimeter).


Unfortunately, engraving a Java Greenwatch is not possible. We engrave our watches on the back and the Java has a glass back. Therefore, we cannot engrave this watch.

The Java automatic wooden watch will be shipped to you within 2 business days

Greenwatch loves lightning fast deliveries. Surely you would want to receive this product as soon as possible. That’s why we deliver your wooden watch within only 2 working days. Beware, when wearing a wooden watch, you are going to receive a lot of positive comments.