Wooden sunglasses collection

Wooden sunglasses

In addition to a wide range of wooden watches, you can choose from a variety of matching wooden sunglasses from Greenwatch! We are aware that tastes are quite different. That’s why we have selected beautiful sunglasses for both ladies & gentlemen. Wooden sunglasses are usually much lighter than sunglasses made of other materials, such as plastic and glasses that incorporate many metal parts. The advantage of this speaks for itself, because nothing is more annoying than too heavy sunglasses that always slip off your nose. Our wooden sunglasses stand for comfort and craftsmanship, because the glasses too are manually assembled with great care.

Different types of wood

Our wooden sunglasses are available in various frame types but you can also determine your favorite wood type yourself. For example, one can choose a wood type such as bamboo, ebony or oak. These are all high-quality woods, each with its own unique appearance and structure. You can, of course, order several types of sunglasses in our webshop and wear them alternately.

For men & women

Our wooden sunglasses are suitable for men & women. Choose a traditional, trendy or stylish frame.

Your wooden sunglasses suit every outfit!

Just like our watches, the Greenwatch wooden sunglasses match most every outfit! Wood exudes a calm on its own and is therefore easier to combine with any clothing style than watches made with other materials.

With an eye for sustainability

Greenwatch is committed to sustainability. Maybe that’s also the reason why both wooden watches and sunglasses have become a trend in America and found its way to Europe. Sunglasses produced with materials other than wood, are rather taxing on nature. Our wooden sunglasses, however, are only processed of wood. This is an eco-friendlier production method! When you order one of our Greenwatch watches along with a pair of wooden sunglasses, we plant a tree back in return!

The best price/quality ratio

Are you buying wooden sunglasses from Greenwatch? Then you are assured of the best quality. That does not mean that you have to dig deep into the pouch for these stylish accessories. On the contrary! We offer the best price/quality ratio in The Netherlands. Cheaper sunglasses of this high quality you will not find anywhere else.