Engraving wooden watch with text

Personalizing by engraving your wooden watch completes your gift and is one of the unique possibilities that Greenwatch offers. We use a laser technique to engrave your personal message in the back of the watch. This way you can specify an important date, personal message or whatever you prefer.

Wooden watch engraving

Depending on the model you choose to engrave, you can attach your own message with your order. We will engrave the message for you in the back of the wooden watch. Please note that by personalizing your watch the delivery time is longer than usual, namely up to 3 working days. This depends on the busyness at that moment. Do you have an urgent order? Please contact us using the contact form, so that we can inform you about the possibilities. This way there are no surprises with regard to the delivery time.


Since we engrave everything ourself by means of laser technique, there are many possibilities. This provides the opportunity to choose fonts and different designs yourself. Do you have a special wish? Please contact us first what you want, so that we can help you with the request. We will go to extreme lengths, to make the already unique wooden watch, even more personal for you. See our contact page for more information. The readability when lasering text on your watch depends on the type of wood. For instance, on a light wood type such as Oak and Bamboo it is easier to read than on dark woods such as ebony. Both are easily readable with good lighting.

As default we engrave in the font Calibri Bold. This ensures good readability on the watch. If you want a different font, you can indicate this in the comments box during the checkout process. Make sure your font is not too thin, otherwise this is going to be at the expense of readability. When you choose a font which is too thin, we will first contact you about the possibilities. So please state your wishes. Concerning icons like a heart or other types, you can also specify this in the comments box during the checkout process. This is no problem whatsoever.


Unfortunately, it is not possible to return your watch, because we engrave it for you, thus personalizing it. Of course, you have a guarantee with the wooden watch when you should encounter problems, because for us the service and thus the customer are our number 1 priority.

Below a couple of examples of our engravements.